Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

1) How to Order (Pre-Order/ In-Stock)?

how and where to order gk figure

** Please read Shipping & Delivery for more information. Shipping Fee is NOT INCLUDED for International Customers. Free Shipping is applicable for Singapore Customers. Flat Rate for Malaysia Customers.

Please refer to Ordering for more information.

2) Do you ship to international Collectors?

Yes, we do ship all of our products internationally.

3) Shipping fees are included in the listing?

Singapore: Free Delivery options available.

Malaysia: Flat rate of S$30 (W.M)/ S$40 (E.M) per box.

Other Countries: Shipping Fees are NOT INCLUDED in the price listed. Once your order is ready for shipment, we will contact you for the Shipping Fees charged by the parcel service provider.

For more information, please refer to Shipping & Delivery.

4) All the products are new?

Yes, all the products are new. Unless stated in the product page.

5) All the products are genuine?

Yes, all the products are genuinely produced by the respective Manufacturers/ Studios stated in the Product page.

6) Does it mean that my order is fulfilled if I made the payment?

It depends. Under some circumstances, the product in your order might be Out of Stock or Pre-Order is closed. Under this case, we will contact you for the alternative solutions. By default, you may choose to use the same amount of money to purchase the other products in GK Figure. Otherwise, we will provide a Full Refund to you. 

 7) What is the different of Pre-Order and In-Stock?

Pre-Order: The product is not ready and yet produced. There will be an Estimated Completion Date in the Product Description.

In-Stock: The product is ready for shipment from the Studio/ Manufacturer. 

8) Why is there an estimated completion date for Pre-Order products?

Q1 (1st Quarter): January - March

Q2 (2nd Quarter): April - June

Q3 (3rd Quarter): July - September

Q4 (4th Quarter): October - December

Estimated Completion Date is just an estimation date provided by the Studio. It is in the form of Quarter stated above. 

Most of the products listed are GK (Garage Kits) Figurines/ Collectibles. When there is an order made, the product is handmade individually and go through strict Quality Control procedures to ensure its perfection before delivery. Hence, all these aspects is consuming a lot of time and slow down the production.

Please note that the Estimated Completion Date is subject to change without notice by the Studio and in some cases, delays is possible. Customers should take this into consideration before placing a Pre-Order product. Deposit paid for the Pre-Order products are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE should there be any delays beyond the stated Estimated Completion Date.

9) Can I cancel my order (Pre-Order/ In-Stock)?

You may choose to cancel your order with us. However, there will be no refund for the payments made.

Pre Order Items: Deposit is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE. Balance is refundable if Full Payment was made and the Studio has not collected the Balance. If Studio has collected the Balance, there will be NO REFUND for all of the payments (Deposit/ Balance/ Full Payment) made.

In-Stock Items: Strictly NON-REFUNDABLE.

10) Why is there a Deposit for Pre-Order products?

Pre-Order products are referring to products that are not yet produced. And the Distributor/ Manufacturer may request for an amount of deposit to ensure that Customer is willing to wait for the product to be ready. Customer will need to settle all the Balance/ Shipping Fees before the Due Date stated in the email/ Invoice. Failing to do so will result in Order Cancellation and Deposit/ Balance/ Full Payment paid to be forfeited without any Refund.

11) What is the differences of Full Payment and Deposit for Pre-Order Items?

Full Payment = Deposit + Balance

Full Payment: It consists of Deposit and Balance in a single payment. We will not email you for the Balance payment when your figure is completing and Studio is requesting for the remaining Balance. You will only receive email for Shipping Fee payment when your Order is Ready for Shipment.

Deposit: We will email you for the Balance when your figure is completing and Studio is requesting for the remaining Balance. After that, you will receive email for Shipping Fee payment when your Order is Ready for Shipment.

** NOTE: Deposit is strictly NON-REFUNDABLE . Balance is refundable if Full Payment was made and the Studio has not collected the Balance. If Studio has collected the Balance, there will be NO REFUND for all of the payments (Deposit/ Balance/ Full Payment) made.

12) Return/ Refund Charges

Starting from 1 May 2021, there will be a charge of 5% Transaction Fees for all Refund/ Return Items which meets our Return/ Refund Requirements. This is in line with our Payment Processing Partner's Policy.

Exceptions below will incurred NO Transaction Fee Charge.

1) Order is Out of Stock.

2) Order is Cancelled by the Studios/ GK Figure.

3) Customer requests for Pre-Order Cancellation/ Refund, Balance will be refunded without getting charged. Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

13) What happen if I received a defect/ damaged item?

GK Figure take extreme care in packaging and item handling to minimize the risk of damaging the item. Unfortunate event might still happen even with safety measure in place. Almost all of our figures are made with resin which is fragile and brittle in nature. Hence, there is a risk of damaging the parts and customer is accept and adhere to this risk while GK Figure will be responsible for the damage. Some parts might be damaged during transit or during shipping. Customer is advised to contact us with pictures as prove within 24 hours for us to escalate the issue. The studio/ manufacturer may provide some assistance for some cases. Please note that customer will be responsible for all the shipping fee. The last resort will be filing a complaint with the shipping company. 

14) Can I use Freight Forwarder or my own Shipping Carrier?

We do not support freight forwarder or own shipping carrier for now. GK Figure will not be responsible for any damages or lost the customer suffer if they choose to do it with/ without informing us. 

15) Can I deliver to PO Box (Post Office Box)/ APO (Army Post Office)/ FPO (Fleet Post Office)/ DPO (Diplomatic Post Office)?

No, all of our shipping/ delivery Partners do not support PO Box/ APO/ FPO/ DPO. Please contact us immediately if you accidentally used any of it as your Shipping Address. The Shipping Address can not be change once the shipping has been arranged. The items will be shipped back to us with reject and customer will have to repay the shipping/ delivery fees.


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