You can now pay with GrabPay by Grab.

GrabPay by Grab is now launch in GK Figure

Are you a regular Grab user?

There is another Good News to our customers after our roll out of PayNow Acceptance back in January 2021.

There are more reasons for you to start paying using GrabPay now! GK Figure has officially launched GrabPay payment method in our Official Website. As promised, we are constantly upgrading our website and systems to serve you better. GrabPay integration to our online store was a result of hard works from Grab and GK Figure Team. This making us a few leaps ahead of our competitors in term of technologies advancements and adoptions.


Who is Grab?

Grab (Grab Holdings Inc.) is a Singapore multinational ride-hailing company headquartered in Queenstown, Singapore. You might have heard of Grab if you have travelled to South East Asia before. You might have even used one of the services (GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabMart and etc) before in South East Asia. Please visit Grab for the full list of services provided by them.


What is GrabPay?

GrabPay refers to a collection of all cashless payment methods, including credit/ debit cards, partner wallets like PayPal and your GrabPay balance. GrabPay Wallet is a mobile wallet that contains a topped up balance that can be used towards your purchases. Please visit GrabPay for more information about GrabPay.


How to pay for my order using GrabPay?

1) Make sure you have Grab app installed and logged in your mobile phone.

2) Check your GrabPay wallet for sufficient credits.

3) Select GrabPay payment method during Cart Check Out.

4) Enter your mobile phone number and enter the OTP.

5) Follow the simple instructions on screen to complete your purchase.

**Visit GrabPay Guides for the steps by steps guides for Grab/ GrabPay setup. 


Are there any extra charges for using GrabPay?

NO! There is no fee or extra charge to make your order and pay using GrabPay.


What are the benefits of paying for my order using GrabPay?

There are loads of benefits and rewards for using GrabPay. You may visit GrabPay for the more information and the latest promotions.

  • Earn GrabRewards points
  • Track every Transaction
  • Awesome deals from Grab
  • Shop with your GrabPay points


**GK Figure is accepting GrabPay as another form of payment method in our our online store.

**GrabPay is a service by Grab. GK Figure has no right or control over the services provided by Grab. Please contact Grab if you have more questions about GrabPay.

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