Guide to maximise your savings/ cash back while purchase via PayNow in GK Figure?

Use Credit Card and Google Pay together to earn more rewards. Information from GK Figure.

Are you still using your Credit Cards to earn cashback/ points for your purchase?

It is not wrong though. But we have found out a better way to maximise your savings. By using this payment method, you are earning extra cash while continue getting your cashback/ points from your Credit Cards spending.

Did you know that Google Pay Singapore is currently showering a lot of users with cash? Yes, you can be one of them who get showered with those cash by Google Pay Singapore too! Wondering why are we saying showering? Google Pay Singapore is having an ongoing promotion for new Sign Up, Fund transfer & Payment made via Google Pay Singapore app.

You will earn up to 2 scratch cards when you pay for your purchases. You will have a change to be rewarded with up to SGD10 for each scratch card! 


But how? We have a simple to follow guides for you.

Step 1: Download and Sign Up for Google Pay Singapore app. (Google Play & Apple App Store)

Step 2: Bind your PayNow account. (to redeem rewards and direct credit into your PayNow account)

Step 3: Add your Credit Card(s) to your Google Pay Singapore account.

Step 4: Check Out and Pay with PayNow in GK Figure.

Step 5: Scan the PayNow QR Code using your Google Pay Singapore.

Step 6: Check for scratch card under "Rewards" in Google Pay Singapore.

Good Luck!



Sign up for Google Pay Singapore now! And do not forget to bind your PayNow account to redeem the rewards! Oh yea, remember to add your Credit Card to Google Pay Singapore while making payment to earn extra bucks out of your purchase.

Please visit Google Pay Singapore for more information and the latest promotions.


* This Promotion is offered by Google Pay Singapore and only applicable for Singapore residents.

* This Promotion is still ongoing as of 22 Jan 2021 when this post was last updated.

* GK Figure has no control or interaction with Google Pay Singapore for all of its upcoming/ ending Promotions.

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