Power Max Studio - One Piece Transponder Snails [PRE-ORDER CLOSED]

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Product Description

 Studio : Power Max Studio
 Product Category: Anime Action Figures, Statues, Collectibles
 Product Name: One Piece Transponder Snails
 Material: Resin
 Est. Size: 12cm (H)
Sanji Transponder Snails          Luffy Transponder Snails #1
Luffy Transponder Snails #2          Shanks Transponder Snails
Ace Transponder Snails          Doflamingo Transponder Snails
Zoro Transponder Snails          Law Transponder Snails
Kaido Transponder Snails          BigMom Transponder Snails
Blackbeard Transponder Snails          Jinbe Transponder Snails
Katakuri Transponder Snails
Whitebeard Transponder Snails
Golden Transponder Snails

 厂家: Power Max工作室

 作品名称: 海贼王电话虫系列
 尺寸(大约):12厘米 (高)
山治电话虫          路飞电话虫
四档路飞电话虫   红发电话虫
艾斯电话虫          明哥电话虫
索隆电话虫          凯多电话虫
大妈电话虫          黑胡子电话虫
卡二电话虫          白胡子电话虫
甚平电话虫          黄金电话虫


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